About me

Who I am

I would like to introduce my self as a web developer. Since 2008, I have been working in web industry. I am passionate about producing creative, unique visuals that clearly communicate a brand’s message. Particularly those related to the arts or those that engage young people. I then transform them into clean, standards-based markup.

I also have a keen interest in mobile / responsive web development and have recently started putting this into practice, as you can see by this very website. I work in front-end and back-end development with UI/UX designers by having them outsource work to me and also work with my own, direct clients as you can see by most of the pieces in my portfolio. I am happy to work either remotely or in-house, whichever works best.

Muhammed Athimannil
Muhammed Athimannil

What I love

I love to create unique clear responsive sites that are user friendly. All my works comply with web standards, elegant with hand coded. I strive to write code of the highest standard and bug fix in an efficient and extensible way.

I work for both front-end and back-end websites for over 4 years. some of them I built using WordPress CMS, which is the most used content management system in the world. Every website is tailored to client needs and created from scratch without using any templates.

I developed websites for bigger companies as part of a team, if you need examples of those websites - drop me a line